What Motivates Me

My insatiable desire to learn new topics has generated a career path that might look like a backcountry trail. Meandering in and out of sales, product, and consulting, but always coming back to engineering.

My unique background includes every phase of developing and delivering commercial software from talking to users, defining requirements, and writing code to selling, designing, and implementing solutions. This broad background enables me to help companies develop and deliver software positioned for market success, communicate effectively with management, my peers, and prospective customers.

Outside of work, my passions extend to playing music, tinkering on projects, and brewing and enjoying a beer with good company.

What I Use


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Current Projects

Personal wbsite preview

Personal Website

The redesign of my personal website (this site). Based on a bootstrap theme from startbootstrap, I used Jekyll and githubpages to build and host this website. More projects, a blog, and additional content will be added as time allows, but this project has been a fun way to brush up on my design skills.

Powerup Gifting

Ruby on Rails web app that will allow family and friends to share their gift registries for any event. This project started when my family dispersed across the country, and we wanted to maintain our tradition of gifting at Christmas. With a distributed and growing family, it became increasingly difficult to keep up with our changing interests. PowerUp Gifting is a central place that enables the family to create, share, and manage their gift registries.

Sound Styles

A Python and Flask web application that uses Spotify’s web API to gather and show user data about their playlists. Working with a remote data scientist to provide him with backend and hosting support for his analytics. No previous experience working with Python, Flask, or Spotify’s API. This project has sparked my interest in learning more Python and Flask.

Better Recipes

A headless API to allow for better a recipe experience. Nearly all recipes online today follow a similar structure that screams for reorganization. This recipe manager breaks out all recipes into “stages” that reference a master ingredient list. Display all required ingredients in a simple shopping list format, keep track of time and amount of ingredients remaining, and even scale recipes and adjust for altitude.

Visitation Map

A very simple visualization of the roadtrips I take with my dogs to see all 48 contiguous states before we die. My two dogs travel with me and must poop in each state to earn their "visitation badge" while I must contribute to the economy of the state to earn my visitation badge. Not sure which requirement is more impressive...

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